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the New Standard
of Footwear.

The technology is available to footwear brands that share a vision for the future of sustainable footwear. Both brands and manufacturers are critical in the role of changing the trajectory of sustainability in the industry. OrthoLite is committed to delivering on our mission of inspiring our brand and factory partners through a relentless commitment to innovation and solutions that deliver unmatched comfort, performance, and sustainability.

Seeking enthusiastic brand partners.

Our brand partners have the opportunity to be a part of this necessary revolution. If leaders in the industry start adopting these innovations, major progress will be made to reduce toxic materials and waste produced. When consumers choose shoes based on their sustainability, we will collectively ignite this revolution within the footwear industry through the Power of Cirql.

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Be one of our factory partners.

Our T1 factory partners can commit to elevating your sustainable manufacturing process through the adoption of Cirq’s patented injection process and biopolymer. Cirql’s clean manufacturing process utilizes an efficient footprint that can be scaled globally.

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With global reach and impact, the Cirql innovation sets a new standard in truly sustainable footwear.

Collectively we’re one step closer to changing our industry.